GMM   Research   Corporation    is   a   minority-owned   and   operated   business   located   in   Irvine, California.   Under   president,   Luis   Taveras,   GMM   has   been   in   business   since   1988   making   quality synchronous and asynchronous communications cards. Luis   is   originally   from   the   tropical   Dominican   Republic   and   has   an   engineering   degree   from   the Academy of Aeronautics and New York Institute of Technology. GMM's production capacity is backed by a Southern California state of the art assembly house.  
Who we are
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GMM    has   embarked   on   a   mission   to   remake   itself   and   become   an   innovative   and   inventive   company   designing and producing cost effective energy saving products as well as useful new ideas for home and business. GMM   is   committed   to   continuing   research   and   development   on   new   energy   technologies   and   products   for   home, business, and industrial specialty hardware. GMM    has   been   granted   its   first   patent   in   2015   and   has   created   a   new   devision   to   support   its   new   market strategy!!  
New Company and Product Strategy
GMM Research Corporation 20 Wayfarer, Suite G Irvine, CA  92614 GMM Email:  ConcealaHook Email:  GMM Tel:   (714) 747-8655 Contact Information
GMM   sold   to   government   aerospace   contractors,   and   the   private   sector.   It   will   continues   to   provide   technical support and consulting services for its legacy communication products.
Operating Strategy